My first DIY project

I felt bad for not doing anything wedding related in a long time so I sat down and went to work when I had some free time last night and this morning. I completed 120 envelopes within two hours.

I embossed pretty flower stamps from Paper Source that resembled the peonies on our invitations onto plain white envelopes. These envelopes will be used to hold our STD cards and the RSVP cards we want our guests to send back.

Heat embossing is a technique used to raise patterns on paper, giving it texture and detail. It is an easy three-step process, and produces great results that can look almost professional if you do it right.

Here are the materials required for this easy project:

-Envelopes ($0.03 each)
-Rubber stamp ($7.50)
-A pigment ink pad ($3.59) . Other types of ink dry too quickly, and do not hold embossing powder as well. I used Chianti from ColorBox, a deep red that matches well with our colors.
-Clear embossing powder ($1.49)
-A heat gun ($14.99)
-Scratch paper to put underneath for easy cleanup ($0)

The heat gun is the priciest of the materials, but I think that it was a good investment. I purchased everything but the stamp with a 40% off coupon from Michaels.

The first step is to get a lot of ink onto your stamp and press it onto your envelope. Apply even pressure. Do not wiggle it back and forth. Lift the stamp up neatly and carefully.

Next, quickly pour a generous amount of embossing powder directly onto the inked image, making sure that it is entirely covered. Gently shake off excess powder. You can use the remaining powder for your other images. There is no wasting allowed when you're on a budget!

The flowers on the right in the picture have the powder on the ink and is a lighter color. The flowers on the left have been set with the heat gun and are nicely raised and defined.

The last step is to heat the image. Be sure not to hold the heat gun too close to the paper or else it will burn and discolor the paper. The powder will turn into a shiny liquid and will rise. Sit back, and admire your accomplishment.

Here are my final results:

Bella watched the fun happen and even licked a few envelopes

Sorry for the low quality photos, but you can see it better in person when they arrive in your mailbox.

My next project will be the actual STD. I have lots of plans running through my mind and I'm excited to see the end results.


Guest post by Groomzilla!

Actually, it's still Minzilla here, but I have been trying to convince my wonderful fiance to be a guest blogger, and he won't budge.

I think that the five groomsmen should have a post completely dedicated to them, similar to what I did for my bridesmaids and bridesman. Who better to do it than the man who picked them, right?

So this is my plea. Comment on this and tell Brandon that he should write at least a short post. After all, he won't have anything better to do when I am at school or work during his Spring Leave next week.

Sorry for the lack of new wedding updates. I've been overwhelmed with everything else so the wedding has been put on the backburner for now. I'm also having difficulty inserting photos into my posts, making my blog a little less appealing. Hopefully I can figure that out when I get the chance.



Guest post comment link fixed!

I just fixed the comment link on Debbie's "MOH guest post!" entry so be sure to leave a comment if you so desire. The link was not working because of the Youtube html that was originally there so I took it out and reposted it here. Enjoy!


It must be a mistake.

I just checked my convenient Facebook countdowns, and I was completely shocked.

11 days until Spring Leave

82 days until Brandon graduates from USMA

300 days until I become a Mrs.

What have I been doing?! Time has flown by, and I have not made any progress on this whole wedding planning business. I feel so overwhelmed with everything at the moment.

I should elaborate on this, but I just taught myself Quantum Physics and Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. I am just about ready to study for my midterm tomorrow morning. It's 11pm, already past my bedtime. Expect a zombie-version of Minzilla tomorrow.

I will be dreaming about Einstein, Planck, Rutherford, Maxwell, and Schroedinger's half dead, half alive cat tonight.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but hopefully Debbie can fill in for me during exam season.