Champ says "Hello"

Good morning, everyone! I'm currently blogging from a house by Lake Champlain that Brandon's family rented for a week. It's wonderfully refreshing after seven days of finals torture and trying to coordinate events for Brandon's graduation.

I'm officially engaged to an officer of the United States Army now. We are all extremely proud of him. Plus, Brandon and I have officially joined the 2% Club.
Here is a picture of 2nd Lt. Schmidt surrounded by all of those who travelled to NY just to see him graduate from West Point (aka me surrounded by my loving future-in-laws).

Doesn't he look awfully handsome in his dress blues? That is what he and the groomsmen will be wearing for our wedding.

Play the video to watch Brandon thank his family for their support. He made all the women a blubbering mess.
And this is where we are staying:
I'm going to gain at least five pounds from this week alone because they are feeding us gourmet meals every night.

See you soon!


Things to do today

Between now and 7:30am:

1. Get dressed
2. Drive to school

Between 8:30am-4:30pm:

3. Study for final #1
4. Take final #1
5. Study for final #2
6. Take final #2
7. Drop off final #3

Between 4:30pm and 7pm:

8. Don't get killed in the parking lot
9. Pick up check at work
10. Deposit money at the bank. Take out some cash for
11. Pick up Jason Mraz CD from the library. Drop off 14 checked out items
12. Drop off formal dresses at Tuff's
13. Finish packing
14. Shower
15. Give Bella one last hug/kiss
16. Head to Burbank Airport

Between 7pm and 9:05pm

17. Get hassled at security
18. Fly out to see future hubby for his graduation from West Point!

See you in NY!


Dear Martha,

Why do you continue to tease me with your fabulous crafts and products when you know I have neither the time nor the resources for them?

If I had the money, I would buy...

Martha's new craft book full of incredible projects (which I borrowed from the library) and her upcoming cupcake book to satisfy my cupcake obsession. ($35 and $24.99)
Her beautiful and extremely intricate doily lace edge punch ($14.99) and her tissue pom pom kit ($19.99).

Pretty goodie boxes for cookies or other baked goods ($12.99)
And so much more...
P.S. This blog is serving as yet another source for procrastination. I should be studying for the five finals that I will take within the next three days. I also need to pack for my last trip to NY from this coming Wednesday to May 30th. Don't worry, I'll continue blogging while we stay at Lake Champlain for a week or any downtime I have in the hotel.


Cakes need a cover too

[Cover is what the military calls a uniform hat. I don't know why they can't just say "hat."]

On top of our giant cupcaketree we will have a small wedding cake so that Brandon and I will have something to cut. There are some pretty clever caketoppers out there.
Here are a couple humorous ones that I will not use for the wedding, although they would be appropriate for a bachelorette or bachelor party:

Here is one I think Brandon might like:

Here is one that tugs at my heart strings:

Here are a couple that I would love to DIY because they are too expensive to purchase:
P.S. I'm blogging from my new laptop so expect more posts more often.


Cupcakes take the cake!

It's a little ironic that I am writing on cupcakes the post immediately after writing about exercising and losing weight, but they are my new obsession. Last week, I spent hours looking at wedding gowns. My new fixation is something even Martha Stewart agrees with: wedding cupcake towers.

These sweet little beauties are an alternative to more traditional wedding cakes. Starting at $2.50 each, gourmet cupcakes are taking over the wedding scene for several reasons. First off, they are more budget friendly because they are easier to decorate, easier to transport, can be used as individual favors, and also require no hidden cake-cutting fees. They are also entirely customizable with liners or wraps, ribbon around tiers on the stand, flavors, or our choice in frosting/decorations. The options are endless!

I almost want to make my own cupcakes, but baking and decorating 75 of these yummy treats right before the wedding day would be nuts.

If I did attempt to tackle this task, I would definitely use these Martha Stewart cupcake liners ($3.99 at Michael's before my 40% off coupon) or some laser cut cupcake wraps ($1 each, but can easily be made on my own with paper doilies).



When did I turn into the Big Friendly Giant? I'm about half a head taller than any of my female friends and most of my coworkers. In fact, some of the other girls at work are so tiny that I often bump into them because they are shorter than my eye level. Why can't I be tiny, cute, and petite? I would much rather be pocket-sized than towering.

My height is supposed to be something to envy. I'm about 5'7", which isn't freakishly tall, but I hate it, and would like to shrink a couple of inches.

I can't wear sexy heels, but instead am always on a hunt for stylish flats that are within my twenty dollar budget. No wedges for me. Just Old Navy flip flops. Any dress I try on at Forever 21 becomes skank short instead of just short.
But my height isn't the only thing that makes me self conscious these days. It's the extra layer of fat that has magically appeared around my belly, arms, thighs, and butt over the past few years. I was once thin and had great definition in my stomach and arms. I didn't have to work for it at all, but just claimed that I was "lucky and Chinese."

The weight and body change began after P.E. was no longer mandatory for seniors. That fourty-five minutes of playing games with friends was taken for granted, because now I am supposed to go run and exercise on my own. What? Unfathomable!

I was lying in bed one day a couple of years ago when I realized that my body felt different. Things were pushing up against me that were not originally there. And then it hit me that I was growing love handles. Was it just a horrid case of the Freshman 15? In order to fight this I went and ordered a pilates DVD from Amazon.com, which worked for the first month I did it, but then Brandon came home for the summer and I decided that I would rather spend time with him instead of working out.

When I run into mothers of old middle school or high school friends the first thing they say is: "Oh, Min! You got fatter! You used to be so thin." Yes, I'm very much aware of this. Thank you for bringing it up....and then I go eat away my pain.

I finally had inspiration to get fit and lose a few pounds when I got engaged. I need to look stunning and fabulous in my wedding gown. I tried to give up sugar, but that lasted for about a week (I cheated twice, but don't tell anyone). I went out and bought some running shoes half a month ago, and have only used them twice since.

Why can't I get myself to work out? Brandon is a fitness nut. He is the type who likes to push himself to the point of vomiting and is exhilarated by that feeling. He will be running in his third marathon the end of May. I am certainly not that type who gets high from being sore and smelly all over. All the power to those who do, but that lifestyle is just not for me.

What is a girl to do? Suck it up. Get sore. Get smelly. Lose five to ten pounds. Give up chocolate. Give up free Oreo smoothies at work. Walk the dog. Go run. Eat only when hungry, not when bored, stressed, and/or procrastinating.

I have seven months to kick my butt into shape. And if all that doesn't work, there's always Spanx.