Just the Beginning

This will be my last blog entry here.

Thank you for following my journey from a Ms. to a Mrs.

If you are still interested in what these two love birds are up to, please head to my new blog: Married Minzilla

Hope to see you there.


Say Cheese!

My sister was put in charge of the photo booth because I was so overwhelmed with everything else. She made it with her wardrobe as a frame and some cute fabric from Ikea. We were able to get some great pictures of our guests.

(Photo by Linda Ko)
(Photo by Linda Ko)

(Photo by Hannah Suh)
(Photo by Hannah Suh)

All photos are personal unless otherwise noted.

All the Single Ladies! And Men!

Beyonce's "Single Ladies" track was the perfect anthem for the bouquet toss.

Ready, girls?

I tried to arrange it so that my sister would catch the bouquet, but it actually just landed on the floor.

Until bridesmaid Tuff snatched it up! Lots of cheers and giggles.

Hope you get married soon so that you can pop out some beautiful babies!

Time for the most dreaded part of the night: the garter toss. I bought this Martha Stewart garter from Big Lots for $2.00.
I added some patriotic ribbon that fit into my "something blue" criteria.

How can it not be awkward when your new husband digs under your dress in front of both families?

I warned him not to lift my dress up too high because I was wearing some ugly black Spanx under my gown.

It was a successful operation that deserved a high five.

Brandon showing off the goods to the antsy boys.
They definitely look ready. Except Henry should probably put his champagne glass down.
Wait, that's not what I meant, Henry!
You have to fight for it, boys!
Bridesman Tony is our victor!
Photography by Hannah Suh

Party Down

Music + Booze +Love = A Roomful of Dancing Fiends

(Photo by Pop)

Photography by Hannah Suh

Sugar Kisses

I put in an immense amount of work into our cupcake table. We went to four different bakeries in order to find the perfect chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. I handmade all the little cupcake flags.
I DIYed our cupcake stands. Topped withand painted cake toppers done by a friend, it all came together perfectly.

Who needs a traditional knife to cut your cake if you have a sharp saber?
Quite possibly the best picture out of the entire bunch.
I was extremely nervous cutting our small 6-inch cake because I questioned the sturdiness of our cake stands made from glass plates and candle holders.
Success! Although Brandon still looks nervous.
We decided to feed each other cupcakes instead of our actual cake.
Brandon promised that he would not damage my makeup with frosting.
He's so mischievous.
I warned him that he would be next, but I couldn't bring myself to mess up his handsome face.
But he took care of that himself by digging in.
Then we gave each other sweet sugary kisses.
And wiped each other off
One last kiss before we start dancing again!

Photography by Hannah Suh