Things to do today

Between now and 7:30am:

1. Get dressed
2. Drive to school

Between 8:30am-4:30pm:

3. Study for final #1
4. Take final #1
5. Study for final #2
6. Take final #2
7. Drop off final #3

Between 4:30pm and 7pm:

8. Don't get killed in the parking lot
9. Pick up check at work
10. Deposit money at the bank. Take out some cash for
11. Pick up Jason Mraz CD from the library. Drop off 14 checked out items
12. Drop off formal dresses at Tuff's
13. Finish packing
14. Shower
15. Give Bella one last hug/kiss
16. Head to Burbank Airport

Between 7pm and 9:05pm

17. Get hassled at security
18. Fly out to see future hubby for his graduation from West Point!

See you in NY!

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