Dear Martha,

Why do you continue to tease me with your fabulous crafts and products when you know I have neither the time nor the resources for them?

If I had the money, I would buy...

Martha's new craft book full of incredible projects (which I borrowed from the library) and her upcoming cupcake book to satisfy my cupcake obsession. ($35 and $24.99)
Her beautiful and extremely intricate doily lace edge punch ($14.99) and her tissue pom pom kit ($19.99).

Pretty goodie boxes for cookies or other baked goods ($12.99)
And so much more...
P.S. This blog is serving as yet another source for procrastination. I should be studying for the five finals that I will take within the next three days. I also need to pack for my last trip to NY from this coming Wednesday to May 30th. Don't worry, I'll continue blogging while we stay at Lake Champlain for a week or any downtime I have in the hotel.

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