Cupcakes take the cake!

It's a little ironic that I am writing on cupcakes the post immediately after writing about exercising and losing weight, but they are my new obsession. Last week, I spent hours looking at wedding gowns. My new fixation is something even Martha Stewart agrees with: wedding cupcake towers.

These sweet little beauties are an alternative to more traditional wedding cakes. Starting at $2.50 each, gourmet cupcakes are taking over the wedding scene for several reasons. First off, they are more budget friendly because they are easier to decorate, easier to transport, can be used as individual favors, and also require no hidden cake-cutting fees. They are also entirely customizable with liners or wraps, ribbon around tiers on the stand, flavors, or our choice in frosting/decorations. The options are endless!

I almost want to make my own cupcakes, but baking and decorating 75 of these yummy treats right before the wedding day would be nuts.

If I did attempt to tackle this task, I would definitely use these Martha Stewart cupcake liners ($3.99 at Michael's before my 40% off coupon) or some laser cut cupcake wraps ($1 each, but can easily be made on my own with paper doilies).

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