Minzilla will be back blogging in April.

Sorry for the hiatus! I just need to save one of my projects for when I'm in Georgia waiting for my hubby to come home every day. I can't exactly sit around all day with nothing to do!

Upcoming posts:
-Bride and groom portraits
-Saber arch
-First dance (aka "when we made out in front of 70 people")
-More invitations (but not ours)

See you later!

P.S. Our wedding was recently featured in Budget Savvy Bride in February. Pretty cool, eh? Click here to take a look at some gorgeous pictures by our photographer and read what I had to say about the wedding.


  1. YOU WON AN AWARD!??!!??! i also read that blog so wowowowowowo congraaats.

    i am mildly upset that i...missed that the first time i read it. why did i read it a second time? because your did not blog enough today to fulfill my daily minzilla updates.

    im getting more and more pathetic (desperate for entries)......

  2. Haha Chris! You're making me feel so guilty when I don't blog! And it wasn't really an award. I sent in pictures and they chose to put them up. Still cool though!