Min and Brandon request the honour of your presence

Finalizing a guest list is tricky business. We wish we could invite everyone and their moms to share this special day with us, but that would just be impossible.

Each guest just means that we would have to dish out an extra $50-$100 per person. It's an extra plate of food, slice of cake, thank you gift, beverage, invitation, program, etc.

Our guest list has expanded from about 70 to 90 people, despite the fact that we cut down on allowing certain people to have a "plus one". We decided that although the polite thing to do would be to address all of our invitations to "Ms/Mr. X and Guest", it would be too costly to allow people to bring strangers into our wedding. Most of those who are invited have at the very least two other friends to keep them company at the ceremony and reception. Only those who we feel may be a little left out will be allowed to bring a date. We hope that everyone will understand and resist the urge to call me and ask to invite someone else. If I receive such phone calls, I will have to refer them to Groomzilla because he is the only one willing to put his foot down.

Yes, I have dubbed my handsome fiance a Groomzilla. He is very particular about what he likes and doesn't like, which makes my job easier since I cannot make a decision if my life depended on it. Since he is the one paying for the majority of the wedding, he has every right to say when enough is enough...to a certain point, anyway. After all, I wouldn't be a true Minzilla if I allowed him to get everything his way.

Brandon has an exceptionally large family, and they have treated me as one of their own for the past four and a half years. I hate that I cannot send out invitations to each and every one of them, but that is the reality we must face. I don't want to step on any toes before I even offically join his family.

The list of family on my side is sparse, but it has been filled with people my mom would like me to invite, despite the fact that they have no significance to me personally. Even so, we don't really expect all of them to show up. It's more of a courtesy invite than anything else. But that's tricky too. We don't actually know if they are going to show up or not. If they do, then we will have more people than we want there.

How do you know who you should and shouldn't invite? If you invite this person's brother, then do you have to invite this other person's sister? It's a slippery slope, my friends. The boundaries are limitless.

What about children? Is there a polite way of saying, "We don't want your sticky, monkeys of offspring terrorizing our wedding and spilling juice on the pretty bride's expensive dress?" Only directly related children will be permitted to attend.

So basically if you do not receive a Save the Date card by the end of March one of the following has occurred:
a) We were too lazy, and decided to forego sending STD cards (which will not happen).
b) You didn't make the cut, and will just have to live through photographs.
c) We really did forget to add you to our list, but hopefully we catch this mistake in time for when we send out the formal invitations.

If you really want a ticket to the show, you can promise not to eat a thing and opt for an Evite instead.

Hopefully none of this will matter in the end. At our wedding, I doubt I will worry about who we missed. It will all be one massive blur because I am sure that I will only be focused on my loving husband and the pure happiness that I will be so lucky to experience.

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