MOH guest post!

Hi, Debbie here. I am Min's older (though, not necessarily wiser) sister and her maid-of-honor. I preface this post with a disclaimer. I am not my sister, my soft-spoken, well-mannered sister.

I should start off by saying that I handle surprises in a couple of ways: 1) the bug-eyed silent way, best demonstrated by this emoticon, o_O; and, 2) I make a choking sound and screech "Bitch, whaaa?!"

Interestingly enough, neither of those happened when Min came through the door at 3 AM Christmas morning and said "I'm engaged!"

Clearly, a "Bitch, whaaa?!" would have been appropriate, seeing how she's my younger sister and I can still remember vividly when she used to put bandaids on her bruises. But all I said was "I EFFIN' KNEW IT." And, I did, you know? Like every one of her close friends did. Maybe they don't have a certificate, but they're married in every other sense of the word.

My a-hole (ex)friend went as far as to say that she was wasting her youth. "She should be dating different people before she settles down." Coming from a bitter, pretentious manchild who doesn't date, this statement is quite laughable but he poses a valid point. She is young.

But if you think about it, Min has already achieved most of what anyone can even hope for in a relationship. The fact is, dating is easy when you're young. You go into a bar, say hi, and you exchange numbers. A second or third date, maybe slightly harder. But its goddamn hard to find someone you actually want to wake up with every day for the rest of your life. If she believes she found that then maybe everyone else should mind their own business.

Rant aside, the wedding planning has been fun but it's only in its infancy. Bargin hunting and vendor shopping isn't exactly a day at Disneyland but the exciting stuff is going to happen soon, I hope. Whee, dresses!

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  1. thanks for writing on the blog Debbie, it's really good. I hope you and Nate are ready to go out with us next week