Our Engagement Pictures

Over the course of our five-year relationship, Brandon and I have taken very few pictures that I absolutely adore. I knew that I wanted to take some great engagement pictures, but I also knew that it was out of our budget. In comes Mr. Daniel Yu, who is not only clever with words, but is also extremely talented behind the camera.

We headed to the beautiful Huntington Library yesterday afternoon and pretended that we actually knew what we were doing as models. Daniel did a wonderful job making us feel comfortable and gave us direction. Here are just a few of his great shots:
We found this gorgeous fountain and did our best looking serious.
I love the moments right before a sweet kiss.
I probably flashed a few people behind me when I jumped onto Brandon's back. This one is Brandon's favorite picture.
Here we are K-I-S-S-I-N-G. This was such a difficult picture to take because I don't do well with nature and was straining every muscle to stay on the tree, but it was worth it.
I love this shot, especially since you can't tell that we were being blinded by the bright sun.
Our acting skills came into play here as we're coming out of the children's tunnel.
We love each other. Can you see it?
Thanks a bunch to Daniel for these wonderful pictures that we can treasure forever.

1 comment:

  1. i love them ALL!
    i love how your arm is holding on to that tree for dear life.
    i love the one where the sun is blinding you.
    i love the one where you're coming out of the tunnel.
    ahh i really do love them all :]