Thanks, Team Min

I apologize for being a bad blogger. My friends have been telling me that as a blogger, I have a responsibility to blog often for my faithful followers. So, my faithful followers, here I am, begging for your forgiveness with pictures of more wedding dress shopping.

A week and a half ago, "Team Min" (as my sister lovingly named us) went to David's Bridal in Costa Mesa to try on some more dresses. This was supposed to be a good day. It was not a good day. I probably would have been driven to tears if not for my wonderful team.

I was treated horribly by my bridal consultant, Josephina. To the left is a picture of Josephina doing what she does best: checking herself out in the mirror.

When I made an appointment over the phone, I was told to go through their website and write down a list of all the dresses I wanted to try on. Out of about twelve dresses, Josephina only wanted me to try on three.

We asked her to pull up a dress that I tried on last time and was thinking about purchasing. The style number was written on my records, but she tried to convince us that it was discontinued. After asking her three times to look it up, Debbie ordered Team Min to search the racks on their own. After less than five minutes, Debbie came back victorious, running back to my small box of a dressing room at full speed in her heels.

And then Josephina came back and told me to keep the Team under control.
A bridal consultant is supposed to ask you what you are looking for in a dress at the beginning of the appointment. She asked me at the end when I was going back and forth between two dresses. I would love the top of one dress, and the bottom of another.

Despite all this, I was able to find a dress that I could see myself walking down the aisle in. I wanted to hold off on purchasing it until my mother came home from China, but Josephina refused to look up whether or not the dress was going to be discontinued or still available for another month. She pushed me to buy it now or lose it forever.

I ended up putting a non-refundable down payment on the dress. Thankfully, after seeing the pictures of me in that dress I am liking it more and more. Also, I came way under my budget since the dress was about $600. It also has a lace-up corset so it adjusts with any future weight changes.

Going shopping for the dress you are going to get married in is supposed to be a special time. Whether you are in an expensive boutique or at David's Bridal, try to make the best of your experience. You should be allowed to stand in a single dress in front of a mirror for as long as you want. Be vain. Check out your hair. Turn side to side, and side to side again. Order someone to pick up your dress. Push up your boobs so that they look their best. Do whatever it is that you want.
But most imporantly, bring the ones you love beccause they make all the difference.

Thanks to Bridesman Tony for taking these pictures!

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