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A few days after our engagement, Brandon and I realized that we had better choose our venue together before he went back to NY. This was not something I was willing to decide on my own. He did not understand just how much had to be done in one year, but luckily we got right into it. I love that he is so excited to be a part of this planning process.

We went to Barnes and Noble and purchased two wedding magazines along with a big wedding notebook so that I could stay organized through all the mayhem. Brandon and I sat in front of his computer for hours searching through different possible wedding locations, and only found one that we would even consider looking.

The next day, we headed to The Nixon Library to check it out. We absolutely fell in love. Brandon's senior prom was actually at this location. I remembered really liking the gardens, but when we laid our eyes upon that beautiful plot of land, we knew right away that it was perfect.

The ceremony itself will take place in front of the reflection pool in the gardens. Then, we will move into the "stunning White House East Room complete with parquet wood floor and replica chandeliers and fireplaces." It really is stunning. The room is a perfect size for our small wedding. Giant hanging chandeliers and high ceilings make the room so elegant and classy. No tacky carpet either! Just the vibe we were looking for.
A White House replica, too? Pefect for a military wedding and a history fanatic such as Brandon.

Just picture that young blonde couple as a Chinese + Mexican/White couple.

We didn't even bother looking anywhere else. It's perfect and you can't convince us otherwise.

The date is set for December 27th of this year. We were at first considering New Year's Eve, but that did not work out as planned due to Brandon's scheduling with the Army. The 27th is $500 cheaper too so it all came together perfectly.

We sign a contract and put down a 50% nonrefundable deposit next Monday. There's no backing out now!

P.S. I used the word "perfect" five times in this post. Can you tell how happy I am to have a venue and a date already set?

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