My precious

I like shiny objects. Especially a shiny diamond that is mine. All mine!

Brandon asked me to go look at rings on my own while he was in NY so that he and I could get a clue of what I liked. One of my bridesmaids, Tiffany Ohara, and I went to numerous jewelry stores in the mall to try on rings, but I never was able to settle on anything that I could live with for the rest of my life. My hands have been described as the following: beautiful, long, thin, delicate, witch-like, ET-like, wrinkly, scary...

Basically, the average ring size for a woman is a seven. Mine is smaller than four and a half. Everything looked too big on my abnormally thin and strange finger.
We decided to give Robbins Bros. a shot. After all, they are the "world's biggest engagement ring store". Their selection was enormous, but there was only one that I fell in love with. I began to refer it as "my ring," and nothing compared to it.
I just happened to fall in love with a ring that was more than Brandon's budget could afford, and he led me on to think that there was no way he could get me that ring. Truthfully, I would have been perfectly happy with a cubic zirconium ring, but Tiffany told Brandon that I would be disappointed with anything less.

When he proposed, he pulled out the ring, and asked "Is it the right one?" I swooned. The first thing I said (or squealed) when I laid my sleepy 3am eyes on the ring was "Pretty!"

Can you blame me though? Look at that baby sparkle. The jeweler who sold Brandon the center diamond described it as "orgasmic". It has channel set princess diamonds and a squared off bottom. I believe it is 1.33 carats, far more than I need, but I'm not going to complain. The designer A. Jaffe did an amazing job, and so did Brandon!
I actually miss it when I am at work, and I catch myself staring at it when I have it on. This, my friends, is why my ring deserves its own post at 12am.


  1. wow smaller than 4.5 huh? how have i not noticed yet??

  2. Dang you Spencer! *Shakes fist.

    But it IS indeed precious. PLEASE knock someone out one day with it! For me? :)