Surviving the Wedding Day

To my wonderful bridesmaids and bridesman: If you do not want to know anything about your gifts stop reading NOW.

One of the ideas I found early on while browsing through dozens of wedding blogs is the bridal party survival kit. I was inspired by a post in 100 Layer Cake that featured cellophane bags holding useful emergency things for the wedding day. The post also provides a beautiful downloadable label template.

I decided to create my own label that used our wedding fonts, was larger, and required a little less ink. I used a Martha Stewart template and pasted it into a Microsoft Word document since I do not have PhotoShop. I had to create another document with the text only and matched it so that when I printed the two documents together they would match.

Each female kit includes deodorant, hair tie, bobby pins, Aleve pills, band-aids, gum, tissues, oil absorbant sheets, baby wipes, Q-tips, chocolate, and a tampon. I put these items into a disposable 25 fl oz. plastic containers.

I adjusted Tony's kit and tossed in an extra Twix because his was so sparse compared to the girls' kit.

Cost breakdown:
Travel-size deodorant: $0.97 each
Gum: two packs of three for $4
Twix: $1.02
Aleve: two packs of six caplets for $1.94
Containers: $2.14 for five
Tissue: two packs of four for $2.24
Band-aids: $0.58 for ten
All other items were found around the house

Total cost: $16.77
Cost per kit: $3.35

Budget friendly, thoughtful, and practical. Three cheers for Target and their crazy clearance prices!

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  1. Tony could have used the tampon for any potential nosebleeds.