Welcome to the Army!

One of the only things I was certain about for my dream wedding was the saber arch where I would be officially welcomed into the Army. Major thanks to Groomsman Paul for getting the sabers for us!

My bridesmaids and bridesman were first escorted by the handsome men in uniform to the song "Chariot" by Page France. The song was supposed to continue for our entrance, but there was a bit of a mixup with our wedding coordinator and the Army Strong song played instead. It was brutal, but fitting.

Swing, like a chariot
At the trumpet call
When we're all unsaved,
Swing like a wrecking ball
Like the heart of god
What a mystery
Filled with the wedding feast
For the snakes and bees
With the angel teeth, swing

Come and carry us
Come and marry us
To the blushing circus king
And dance like elephants as he comes to us
Through a fiery golden ring
With a violin and a song to sing
As he brings for us our wings
Now he's one of us
Plays the tambourine
Breaks the bread for us
And sings

Will you wait for us
Will you stay for us
Will you grace us everything
You're a wrecking ball
With a heart of gold
People wait for it, swing
Like a chariot
Swing it low for us
Come and carry us away
So we will become a happy ending
So we will become a happy ending

Fire come and carry us
Make us shine or make us rust
Tell us that you care for us
We need to hear a word for us
Let your body stand with us
Or let our rags be turned to dust
Chariot you swing for us
We think that you can carry all of us
So we will become a happy ending
So we will become a happy ending

This next part was my grandmother's favorite part of the wedding. Anytime someone asks her about our wedding she talks about "those boys with the big swords."

Kissing to pass!

Bracing myself for a swift smack on the butt...

Best man, Kyle, hit me a lot harder than he had to. (Picture by Antonio Gomez)

You can't see, but I'm giving him a dirty look here.
But I quickly got over it, and prepped myself for our first dance.

Pictures by Hannah Suh, unless otherwise noted.

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