Reception Details

I got a little ahead of myself and forgot to blog about all the reception details. I can't describe how amazing it was to see all of my hard work come together in one room. I had trouble focusing on Brandon during our first dance instead of looking around the ball room.

Guests were asked to find their little bird escort cards in order to find their seats.

The table was decorated with extra bird houses, kusudama paper flowers, candles and a large framed picture of us from our engagement session with Daniel Yu.

The birds were placed in alphabetical order and separated by rose petals.

Instead of a guest book, we asked everyone to leave us their wishes on separate cards.

Cards were then placed in a glass apothecary jar. We got some great wishes, some sweet and some funny. I wanted to post some on here, but I had completely forgotten to scan them before I pasted them into my scrapbooks.

Crossword puzzles were available to distract guests with before the reception began. However, I think most guests decided to munch on the yummy bread instead.

Cards were collected in a bird cage.

Our centerpieces were absolutely gorgeous in the East Room, which explains why I have so many pictures of them on this post.

Here is a picture of our table numbers at work.

Place cards were printed on extra stationary leftover from the invitations.

Menus were placed on each table setting.

Candles hung from the manzanita tree branches.

The gorgeous chandeliers really completed the classy atmosphere of our reception room.

Yup! Gorgeous. (Picture taken by Bridesman Tony)
Photography by Hannah Suh unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Hi

    I've just been reading your blog and love the centrepieces that you have here! I'm wanting to make some and use them in my ceremony like you did. Do you mind talking through briefly how you went about making them?