Birdie Escorts

Edit: View final results here

Escort cards are typically placed on a table before the entrance to the reception site. Each card has the name of a guest and their table number written on them. This allows guests to find their seats easily in the East Room because they need only to find their table number instead of looking at each place card for their name.

Our guests will be asked to pick up their own bird and "fly" to their bird house.

Materials: heavy cardstock for birds, thick paper for template (I used a file folder), pencil for tracing, scissors, adhesive, gold pen

Total cost of project: $1

Step 1: Create your template. The head and tail should line up to the the edge of the paper. The bottom of the bird should be straight so that the bird will be able to stand up on its own.

Step 2: Fold cardstock. Like a regular place card, the bird has two flaps. Because of this, you must make sure that you have allotted enough room on both flaps to fit your bird template.

Step 3: Take your template and line the head and tail to a fold. Trace with pencil.

Step 4: Cut out your bird. Keep the piece cut from the top. Use it for the wings.

Step 5 (not yet completed): Write guest's name on one wing. Write table number on other wing. I plan on only writing the first name or nickname of guests since there is not much room. We have a small enough wedding to do so.
Step 6: Attach wings.

Sorry if the directions are unclear, but I'm sure you are clever enough to figure it out as it is pretty self-explanatory.
What do you think?


  1. These are so cute and your instructions look so easy. I am going to have to give these a go for my daughter's first birthday. Thank you. :)

  2. Gayle, Please let me know if you run into any problems. I wish I still had the original template or else I would scan them in for you!