Dear Martha, (Part 2)

You screwed me over. I purchased your doily lace edge punch in order to make belly bands for our invitations. Then it broke after 13 bands. So I made a trip back to Michael's to buy another. That one broke too.

How do you expect me to make beautiful creations when you sell me shoddy products? Now, I can't finish my envelope label wraps or work on placecards.

Here is a project that did work out. I always knew that instead of a gust book, I wanted guests to leave us wishes. I stamped the word on red cardstock using an acrylic block and clear letter stamps I found for a dollar at Target. After the wedding, these cards will be attached to a scrapbook next to photos of our guests. I actually like that they are imperfect.

And here are some flowers I made with some white glue, scissors, and pink crepe paper (two rolls for $1). I am considering making boutonnieres and corsages for our VIP guests myself if I can work it out with the florist. I think it would be a sweet memento since they take a lot of effort (about 20 min. per flower) and will last forever.


  1. Hi Min!

    I've been following your blog, and I just wanted to say how much I'm in awe of your DIY wedding process. Props to you! Keep me updated!


  2. Thanks, Evelina! Your food blog makes me drool.