A Typical Night

What does a soon-to-be bride do on a free night? She works on all the little details for the wedding, of course!

I wanted to try to incorporate pictures of Bella for our table numbers like the one pictured to the left (Source), but Groomzilla vetoed that one. Plus, our dog is not the most photogenic of mammals. She mostly looks like a crazed Bellatron.

I wanted something creative that would fit along with our love birds theme. I decided to use little wooden birdhouses I found at Joann's for $1 each for our table numbers (with Groomzilla's approval), and little birdies for escort cards.

I have not painted the numbers on the side of the roofs yet, but I think they will turn out good. Although they are definitely flawed and took hours to finish, they will serve their purpose.

I am staying with Brandon in Columbus, Georgia for a week starting Saturday. While he is at work, I will be sitting at the house alone with no one but his new dog (yes, he's cheating on Bella) for hours.

To fill my time, I will be working on several projects. Hopefully I don't make a mess because that is what tends to happen whenever I work on anything.

I will work on thank you cards, escort cards, menus, programs and tissue pomander balls.

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