The Never-Ending To-Do List

People often ask me if I'm ready for the wedding. My response is always that I am ready to be married, but I am not ready for the wedding itself.

There is just SO MUCH TO DO. Some people will probably tell me that I need to delegate things, but everything left on the list really has to be done by either the groom or the bride. And since the groom is suffering through 12-hour work days, it is mostly all up to me. Brandon's job is to worry about paying for the whole chibang while I need to make sure all the details get done.
My customized Martha Stewart checklist tells me that I have 43 out of 99 tasks left. There are still major aspects of the wedding that are left and when you look at it all together, it becomes entirely overwhelming.

1) My dress still needs to be taken back into David's Bridal to be altered.

2) Brandon's wedding band needs to be selected, engraved, and purchased.

3) We still have no officiant. Apparently it isn't as easy as Joey made it seem when he married Chandler and Monica.

4) The bridesmaids still do not have a dress to wear. I am so close to saying, "Screw it! Wear whatever you want. Just make sure you're wearing red and have black shoes." Groomzilla would definitely veto that.

5) The cake has not been ordered yet.

6) We have not finalized honeymoon plans. Brandon will only be home for about 5 days after the wedding before he starts Ranger school, limiting us to the area. We're also struggling with having enough money to have a nice honeymoon.

7) Bridal party and parent gifts are not purchased.

8) Rehearsal dinner plans are not finalized either.

Again, these are the big things that are not completed. Imagine all of the little details that didn't make it on the list.
Gross, right? Combined with the mounds of school work that has already been assigned, it makes me want to just curl up next to this man and sleep my troubles away.
Left: Brandon with Kayla, the dog I cheated on Bella with for a week.
Right: A trip to Sonic in Columbus, GA


  1. Hmm, you can become a legally ordained minister by going here: http://www.ulc.net/

    Assuming that's the problem you're having.

  2. Thanks, Alvin! That was one of the websites I was looking at. It scares me that it seems so simple b/c I don't know if it's legit.

    P.S. Thanks for always commenting. It makes me feel like somebody is actually reading this thing.

  3. Yeah, I know a few people who went through that site. It seems pretty legit.

    And always, Min! It's good to know how things are going with you, Brandon, the wedding, and everything else in-between.