I Dream of Peonies

Despite their funny name (Brandon likes to call them "Pee-On-Me"s), peonies are the rock stars of the floral family when it comes to weddings. They're so full and luscious and I find myself holding my breath when I see bouquets made out of them.
Here's the catch: They are also incredibly expensive. Isn't it just like me to fall for expensive flowers? Luckily, my florist has promised me that she wants brides to have their dream bouquet and therefore she will not charge me extra for adding peonies.

Now, it is my pleasure to present to you some floral porn:

To save some money, the bridesmaid bouquets will be working double time and will also be used to decorate our sweetheart table. Since I want the girls to be able to identify their own bouquets and take them home, I purchased monogram charms to attach to each handle.

My own bouquet will be accessorized by the silver locket that Brandon gave me back when we were first dating. Inside will be pictures of our grandpas who have passed away.

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  1. lol flower porn...they are good looking flowers though :)