Sweet Stickers

As I mentioned before, our candy bar is going to be provided by our caterer, meaning I will have very little control of it. I am, however, able to decide what kind of container our guests can take their sweets in. They will have clear cellophane bags available, but Brandon requested Chinese carry out boxes. They have more character, is a salute to my Chinese culture, and I can get them for super cheap ($0.08 per box) from Paper Mart.

Since I can never leave well enough alone, I spent the afternoon designing sticker labels to attach to the boxes. I ended up with nine different labels, and I can't decide which ones to choose, so help me pick!

Please leave a comment with the number of your favorite(s). The sixth option will include part of a peony stamp, as pictured below. Thanks!

Microsoft PowerPoint has become my new favorite document design program.

P.S. This is my 50th blog post. Thanks for sticking it through!