Wedding Programs

I can't decide what kind of program I want to make for our guests. I don't even know what I want to include. This is an example of inspiration overload.

Here is one of my favorites. It is an accordian fold program with a gorgeous cover. I know that I am capable of making it, but I don't won't to mess with the formatting.

If our wedding wasn't outdoors in the cold winter afternoon, this fan program would be my top choice. It even has little birdies, games on the back side, and a mini pencil attached by a coordinating ribbon.

This cute little booklet would be the easiest to put together. It is the choice that will allow me to put the most material into the program, which will keep guests entertained in case the ceremony is running late.

It wouldn't be a true blog post from Minzilla without inspiration from Ms. Stewart.
To the right is a simple program with an adorable detail: a pocket with tissues. This would be perfect to wipe away tears of joy frome the faces of our more emotional guests. The only catch is that it doesn't leave much room for all that I want to include.

What about this sweet bow program with a slim belly band holding it together in an unique shape?

I wish I could finish these things over the weekend, but parts of our ceremony are still undecided. More on that later.
My DIYs are piling up, and I love it.

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