Invitation Suite: The Envelopes

Brandon and I finally mailed out the invitations yesterday so check your mail boxes frequently.

We were able to get the postman to hand cancel the stamps in order to keep the envelopes as close to its original condition as possible when they arrive.

He was really understanding about it, but then he just threw them in a box and it made my heart sink.

I hope that our guests handle them with a lot of TLC.

This is what you will find in your mail. We bought these nice red envelopes at Paper Source ($3.00 for 10 envelopes). The envelopes from the invite kit felt cheap.

Instead of having someone hand address the envelopes, I made a template of envelope wraps on Word and printed them on full-size label sheets. I cut them and trimmed the edge with my doily edge punch. This site has a lot of pretty templates that you can download.

Here is the inside of the envelopes. While they are pretty on their own, I wanted to line them with colored paper. I followed templates similar to this one by Martha.
Materials: envelopes, scissors, ruler, pencil, adhesive, heavy paper to make your template on, paper you want to line with. We chose a solid chocolate colored roll wrap from Paper Source ($10 for two rolls)
Step 1: Make a template by first tracing the envelope with its flap open on the heavy paper. Subtract 1/4 inch from each side and cut.
Step 2 (shown above): Trace your template on the liner paper and cut. Slip this into the envelope. Make a fold where the flap folds.

Step 3: Spread adhesive to just the flap. It is not necessary to add any adhesive anywhere else. Debbie figured out that it is best to use old magazine pages under the flap so that you can glue all the way to the edge and protect the envelope.

Step 4: Rub the flap down and make sure it sticks.
Please be careful when you open the envelope as you may accidently peel the liner away from the envelope itself.
And a big shout out to all of my readers out there. It turns out that this blog is more popular than I had thought.

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