Meet the Groomsmen

Brandon met some truly amazing people at West Point, and he chose five of them to stand up there with him as we get married. Over the past four and a half years they have become my friends, too.

We consider these guys family, and I have sent them enough cookies, brownies and candy to prove it.

Since Brandon has no time nor the interest for blogging, I am going to try to do these soldiers justice with their short and sweet introductions.

(From left to right of the bottom picture)

Kyle (aka Kodo) is Brandon's very tall and considerate best man. He likes to tease us, but we know it's out of love. Kyle just proposed to his girl on Halloween, and I couldn't be more excited for the two of them.

David (aka Rico) is amazingly friendly, speaks Mandarin better than I do, and is incredibly polite. He always greets me with a great big smile and a hug.

Henry (aka Hank) has a brilliant mind and likes to break awkward silences with witty sarcasm. He also dreams of owning a Beaglier because they are like Beagles, but Beaglier.

Paul will be a newlywed by the time he attends our wedding in December. We will be spending plenty of time with him and his new wife when we both make our way to Fort Hood, Texas next year.

Jonathan (aka J.Lo) was Brandon's second roomie. He has a tough exterior, but is actually an absolute sweetheart. Brandon describes him as one of the nicest (and strongest) people he knows.

I am so thankful for these five men because they have proven to be wonderful friends to Brandon. They also tolerated all of Brandon's late night phone calls with me almost every night along with Brandon's inability to sleep at night without keeping the fan on and windows open, even during winter.

I can't wait to see them again in December.

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