Showered With Love

With the help of my lovely bridesmaids, my amazing sister organized a wonderful bridal shower for me this past Saturday at Brandon's mom's house.
We ate yummy food, played silly games, and opened great gifts. I received plenty of gift cards to my favorite store, Target.

Belinda gave me a ShamWow set, which seems utterly silly unless you know my personality. I'm a sucker for infomercials.

Of course, I received plenty of Victoria Secret goodies for the honeymoon.
And plenty of kitchen goodies such as a kitchen tool set, blender, waffle maker and cupcake carrier to fill our new home.

My sister decided to get me a onesie instead of lingerie. The following is me exclaiming, "Just to clarify, I am not expecting! We're not going to have kids until eight years after we get married!"

Someone made me a ribbon and tissue paper bouquet for the rehearsal.
But best of all, I will gain two new loving moms, Becky and Amy, after the wedding.
And a little sister, Lauren.
And celebrate with my beautiful mother and sister.
Thanks to all the ladies who made me feel more loved than ever.
Stay tuned for a guest post by Debbie on the planning process and shower games.

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