The Guys

The boys all looked so handsome in their uniforms. Let's take a closer look at Kyle, Paul, Rico, Henry, and J.Lo. Pictures by Hannah Suh.

Here is a close up of Brandon's spiffy uniform with his blue cord. He had an issue with his button. The boys got right on it and tried to fix it. Notice the look of concern on Henry's face.

A bro handshake was exchanged.

But then the button fell off again so Paul took off his own button and let Brandon use it. That's brutal. What a good groomsman.

We took our portraits with the guys by the helicopter. That's brutal, too.

Don't they all look amazing?
Brandon ran off somewhere so I had a chance to be alone with the boys.

Surrounded by a bunch of Army guys. Every girl's dream.

I am so glad that all of them made it out to California for the wedding. Even snow storms and the holidays couldn't stop them from joining us.

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