Two Weddings

Dear Guests,

The ceremony you watched on December 27th was a fraud. We apologize for tricking you all. The truth is we actually officially got married on the 22nd in a civil ceremony at the Norwalk branch office. We only did it out of necessity because our officiant had no legal power to marry us.

Since I can't seem to post any videos from what we consider to be our "real" wedding, here is a video of the civil ceremony.

We really tried hard to downsize the importance of the civil ceremony simply because we didn't want to spoil our wedding day. It wasn't really that difficult to do either when there were protesters outside the office, crying babies, and long lines.

Even so, you can tell that we were still giddy with excitement.

And if you see pictures of our December 27th ceremony, you will see that emotions were still running high despite the fact that we were technically already hitched.

Plus, I didn't have to worry about cold feet on Sunday since it was already too late to back out...all a part of the grand scheme.

Thank you for understanding.


Min and Brandon

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